Friday, July 6, 2012

If God is Real, Why Is There (fill in with your problem)

If god wasn't real and we were made from whatever that evolved into whatever..... ect... Well i believe God is real because of 2 things. Love and that always empty or half full (or half empty) feeling that we all have. Do you want to forever live without someone holding or loving you? No we all need to love and be loved. There is NO substitute for love, nothing not even drugs or girls (guys) or the thrill of adrenalin can make you feel better then being loved always and forever. I tried drugs, it helped for a bit, but to keep me feeling like everything was fin i needed to keep going up on uses and amounts and i realized it wasn't really helping. So i tried drinking, same thing just with the hangover the day after. Cuts bled like crazy and hurt. sex was fun, no pain, (unless i pissed of the girl i was with) no hangover, or weird cuts i had to explain to parents and friends.  Then my dealer got busted, so i went to the backup dealer i had, he was sick and had one of his buyers working off e debt by selling and getting. When i first saw her i fell head over heals in-love. We got together but she dropped me for a friend of mine. First thought in my head was What the hell? Then she tells me she is prego with my kid, but cant tell my friend what happened. Now she has aborted it and i am asking if god is there, we are killing kids before they even breath, we let child molesters and rapists lay around in jail with TV and free internet access. whatever foods they want. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD PRISONS? The ones where you worked your ass off and they had guards with shotguns to make sure you were working and not screwing around? Why is the world like this? Because we chose to eat that apple. We chose to rape that kid, kill that person. WE chose. God loved us enough to give us choices. Nothing but the blood of a perfectly clean and sinless offering could bridge the gap between us and god. That gap is the half full (or empty) feeling e all have. I tried to use drugs, alcohol and sex to fill my gap. it didnt work Take head to what i am saying.
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